Monday, March 23, 2009

Gabrielle's World

This blog will be about Gab's. So lately Gab's has been in love with farm animals and specifically cows. Well, we went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner and unbeknowest to us there was a fundraiser that night for the local junior high. That meant that TONS of people showed up. So we got our dinner and sat down close to the playland so that I could watch the kids while I ate. Suddenly the Chick-Fil-A cow came out. Gab's was in love. She was waving and smiling. I asked her if she wanted to go see the cow and of course she said yes. I took her over and she hugged the cow and smiled but was too star-struck to actually talk to him. We went back to our table and Gab's went into the play area to burn some energy (hopefully). Our table was outside the playland but upagainst the huge glass wall that looks into it. Chick-Fil-A is frickin' brilliant and must have sound proofed the playland because you can't hear anyone whose in there. But Gab's is in there and see's the cow still and stands on the bench where you are suppose to sit and take your shoes off and is waving and smiling and yelling "Hi cow!" but of course no one can hear her. As we left she was sure to hug the cow goodbye and tell him, "Bye mister cow!".

A couple of days later I took Gabrielle shopping with me as I picked out presents for Laila to give Joanna at her shower the next weekend. I ask Gab's if she wanted to pick out a present for Laila too and she said yes. I stressed to her over and over that this is for Laila and not for her. She said yes she understood. So we went to the toys and what did she pick out but two cows. A mom and baby. Once again I reminded her that they were for Laila and not her and after much debate she concided and settled for a box of animal crackers for herself. Then later that evening Joanna came over and I decide to let Gab's give Joanna her present for Laila. I said, "Do you want to give your present for Laila to Aunt Jo?" And she looked at Joanna and said, "Yes, it's 2 cows." So glad I picked out a gift bag especially for it. She's so funny.

Today, I got out a tent she received for christmas last year and set it up in our empty living room. She was so excited and thought that it was new and kept saying, "It's for me?? Thank you!" I can't wait to see her and Laila playing in it together. They will have such a blast. And this ends my ramblings for today.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My first blog

Okay, I haven't done this before but thought I'd give blogging a try. I have soooo much going on right now. My brother and sister(inlaw) are adoptiong from China and they just got their referral 3 weeks ago. They have the pre-approval and are waiting for the LOA. Exciting times. We are having the shower for Joanna (the sister in law) in a week and a half and there is so much to do for that.

I have a beautiful and spirited 2 1/2 yr old daughter Gabrielle, who I'm trying to keep up with. The weather has been so nice that we have been spending a lot of time outside playing. She's a total outdoor girl and is so full of energy. She's also full of opinions and has very definite ideas of how things should be, but such a great heart and that is full of love as well.
Then there is my 10 year old son Nick. He is witty, smart, cute, and has one of the kindest hearts I've ever come across. He just got his report card with straight A's, and I had a parent-teacher conference this week where his teacher let me know how awesome he is (as if I didn't already know). He is taking gutiar lessons and is constantly having friends over to play and for sleep overs. Plus his girl friend Angel who is a sweet girl and an animal lover which wins her brownie points with me.

Guy (myhubby) and I just took him snowboarding for the second time since we moved to Colorado. He loves it and is really good at it.

Guy is my love and while we have our ummm...disagreements, there is no one I would rather share my life with or wake up next to every day. He works hard and makes it possible for me to stay home and take care of our family full time. He's a senior engineer and kicks butt daily. But besides working full time he is going to school part time too and so far getting A's. Yes that's right smart and good looking. I know how to pick them.

Also we have 3 pugs. Gus a fawn boy 4 yrs old, Cassie a black girl 3 yrs old, and our newest addition Jack a black boy 5months old. And right now keeping up with his training is not easy. He is very full of energy and stubborn. He bugs Cassie constantly which I think is great payback for how she drove us nuts with her hyperness. Gus just doesn't want to be bothered by Jack. They all follow me everywhere in the house and want to be next to me and be loved.

That's the Alfano's in a nut shell. So welcome to our story and I will update our blog as is warranted by our clan. Stay tuned...