Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gabrielle Turns Three!

So for Gabrielle's 3rd birthday we had an extravaganza! It started by going to the Denver Zoo at 9:00 am. In attendance was my mom and dad, Guy, me of course, Nick, Nick's friend Angel (whom Gabrielle loves!), Laila, and Gabs. Aunt Joanna couldn't go because of her recent surgery and we missed her. Here is Gabrielle on her dad's shoulders looking at the giraffes.

This is Nick and Angel.
My mom, dad, and Gabrielle looking at an exhibit.
Laila peeking at her driver (me). But don't let this picture fool you, she barely rode in the stroller and much preferred to be carried. She was fascinated by the animals and wanted to pet them.

Gabrielle got in free and had a coupon to ride the carousel. That's her grandmother beside her.

Gabs again and there is Angel. Angel had hurried on the carousel to get Gabrielle the leopard. She's very sweet to Gabs.
Nick chose a dolphin to ride on.
After the zoo we went home and Gabrielle and Laila took naps. I ran around trying to get ready for her party. She had a few balloons, one was a big lion head. She thought it was very cool. We had everyone over for a bbq. So it was the same crew as the zoo with some additions. Uncle Scott and Aunt Joanna were there as well as Uncle Dennis. Angel's mom Leah. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs. My mom made homemade potato salad and dad had bought some fresh picked sweet corn in Kansas. It was yummy!
Present time! I was very impressed with Gabrielle. She thanked everyone for her presents and had so much fun opening them. She was even excited about the clothes. She seemed to appreciate everything and didn't get greedy.
Laila offering some assistance in opening the presents. I can't wait till her birthday!

Gabrielle got a bike! She loved it.
Had to get a butt shot of Guy. hehehe
In case you are wondering. Guy is wearing a tie because Gabrielle wanted him to be a prince and thought that prince's should wear ties. Guy even let her pick out the tie. He was a good daddy helping her with pedaling and steering up and down our block.

After bike riding it was on to cake and ice cream. Her cake was an elephant. That was what she had requested.
She blew out her candles (with a little subtle help from daddy).
Mmmm good. She shoveled it down.
Laila managed to force some down as well. Gabrielle had picked out cookies and cream ice cream.
Nick, Angel and Angel's mom Leah.
Dad, Grandma, and Gabrielle.
Gabrielle told grandma that this was the greatest birthday ever. Everyone left around 8pm. A long but happy birthday. It was a lot of work but so worth it. Now my little 2 year old is three and growing. I love her so much and am thankful for getting to help guide her through this life. I love both my children and enjoy raising them with the help of my husband. So here's to many more birthday's!!

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