Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Catching up

Okay, too long since I've posted. So much has happened. Joanna had surgery, Guy had a heart attack. Crazy! Guy was playing hockey and then had all the classic symptoms. Tightness in his chest, couldn't breath, etc... Anyway we took him to the hospital and he spent 5 days in the hospital. Stayed home a week and then went back to work. We are all now on a low sodium diet, Guy has a ton of meds, but all is well. His is doing very good. Of course he has stopped smoking. All in all we are recovering.

Today is Nick's birthday. Can't believe he is 11!!!! We are having chimichangas for dinner tonight at his request, and his birthday party will be at Dave and Busters. Lots of fun!! Here are some pics.
Nick got a Nintendo DSI for his birthday from Guy and I and Nancy and Ken.
Nancy, Gabrielle and I had a princess tea party with pink frosted cookies and oj in my fancy teacups. Of course tiaras were required.

Leisha stopped in Denver for a layover and we had 1 1/2 hrs together. I didn't realize how much I missed her. It's nice to have friends that care about you so much.

We always have to have a crazy picture together.