Monday, November 30, 2009

The North Pole

I don't know if you have ever heard of it but there is an amusement park at the base of Pikes Peak called The North Pole. They have Santa (a really good one), rides, shows, deer, and more. Guy suggested that we should take the kids there this year. (I know, I was shocked as well since he hates crowds. Shows you how much he loves his kids.) We got up early Saturday morning and headed out to be there when they opened. I had looked it up on line and they said to go see Santa first, order our pictures and then enjoy the rest of the park. Excellent advice! We were the 3rd people to see Santa and then ordered our pictures (without a line). Later when we left and picked up our pictures there was a huge line.

This was Santa's house. I don't have picture with my camera of Santa because they keep the house dimly lit and you aren't allowed to use a flash in there. But for a price you can purchase the pictures they take for you! They thought that one out well. Gab's was brave and told Santa that she wanted a toy dinosaur for Christmas. She had her picture taken with Santa and then we had a picture taken of the whole family with Santa. Of course we bought sets of both and purchased a ceramic ornament with each of the pictures on them. I do wish I'd gotten a picture of Nick and Gab's on Santa's lap. Oh well. Maybe next year.
This was a little area with a bunch of blow up stuff. We like Pooh of course.
Gabrielle liked the motorcycles. My little Harley girl.
Meanwhile, Guy and Nick waited in line at a ride. They really didn't have to wait long. They were only about third in line.
This is them on the ride waiting for it to start. Such handsome boys.
Gabrielle and I went on the ride at the same time Guy and Nick did. But when it was over Gab's wanted to go again so I GLADLY let Guy take her. I do not like spinning in circle's. I'm very happy I didn't get sick the only time I rode it. I can't believe how fearless Gab's can be. She loved the ride. And it went fast!
Guy and Gab's are the second set of people in this picture. They went high and fast!
While Guy and Gab's went the on the whirly thingy (not the actual name), Nick did the Tilt-A-Whirl (actual name). He loved it. He'd sit back with his hands clasped behind his head to show off how easy it was. Boys!
This was an ornament attached to a huge white Christmas tree. Adults have to ride with the kids but they didn't make the ride "Adult Friendly". Guy barely fit in and it wasn't too comfortable when he did. What a trooper.
Nick rode the ornament ride too. He was going to ride with Gab's but they insisted it be an adult with her. Nick rode anyway. Hey it is a ride after all.
Nick rode this lady bug ride with Gab's. Always the good big brother. Gab's told Guy that evening that this was her favorite ride. Love this picture. The moment of Gab's picking her nose on this ride will now live forever. joy.
Guy, Gab', and Nick rode the carasol together. It had anorexic looking reindeer on it, but they chose to ride the horses. The reindeer need to unionize to get more feed.
This was just a little rocket ride. How come everything seems to go in circle's??? Not a good thing for a equilibrium challenged person, ie. me.
Nick of course rode too. This ride went a lot faster than you'd think. Some little kid who rode it with his dad got off of it before Nick and Gab's rode it and he was crying. He wasn't trusting daddy's opinion of 'fun' rides anymore.
They both had fun.
Next was a Shuttle ride that swung back and forth high. Once again, not a mommy ride. I wanted to keep my breakfast where it was. The kids were all for it though.
Wow! It went high. Gab's did get a little scared but when it was over she wanted to go again. Nick loved it and of course this was right up Guys alley. I was happy taking pictures.
Nick rode on the Scrambler. He seemed to love the twisty turny rides that throw you all over.
Guy rode with Gab's again. And once again, she loved it and had a great time. Did I mention that she's only 3??? She has spirit.

We did find Gab's weakness though. The Ferris Wheel. She wanted no part of it. So Guy and Nick did that while I took Gab's to the deer. She loved them. I thought they were cute but immediately sanitized her hands when we were done. After that Gab's and I went and got hot coco and funnel cake to eat while we waited for Guy and Nick to get off the Ferris Wheel. They waited in line a long time. After that we left. It was so much fun. We have the pictures with Santa and the ornaments with those pictures on them hanging on our tree. A great memory that we will always have.

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