Monday, May 18, 2009

Evolution of Nicks Hair

I gave Nick a hair cut on Sunday afternoon. He had named his hair 'fluffy' due to it's volumious nature. I tamed it. Here are some pictures of it.
Traditional 'morning hair'
Pre hair cut
Post hair cut
What a good looking boy.

New Niece Laila

Yes that's right! Laila is here and beautiful. She is truly a delight. We met Joanna, Scott and Laila at the airport with my mom, dad, Nick, Gabrielle, and Joanna's dad Dennis. Laila seemed reserved and just took us all in. We had made shirts the night before that had a picture of when Scott and Joann had first held Laila on her gotcha day. Above the picture it said, 'Laila Jeanneli Van Gieson, Gotcha Day, May 4, 2009'.
On our way to the baggage claim Gabs held her hand out to Laila and they held hands smiling at each other. It was a very precious moment we won't forget soon. We walked out to the cars (we had to come in two cars to have room for everyone) then to our surprise Laila reached out for my dad to hold her! We had expected it to be awhile before she would let any of us hold her but she seemed right at ease with all of us. After we went to Scott and Joanna's house (we had decorated it for their arrival) Laila let each one of us hold her and laughed and played. They are still adjusting to the time change but Laila has been a joy. She is so happy and rarely ever cranky. And that is with 4 teeth coming in! Gabs is having a few jealousy issues but over all is handleing the change like a champ. Nick of course is sweet with her and loves holding her. Here are some pictures for you all to enjoy.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nick's Science Fair

Nick had a science fair at school yesterday. He had been working for 2 weeks on it. They had a science log that they had to keep which is what most of their grade was based on. Nick choose to test 3 different stains and see which one would stain the worst after it had been washed 3 times. He chose coke, black marker, and paint. His hypothsis was that paint would stain the worst since it was so durable on walls. He was correct. He put together a presentation board with all his data and results plus a chatchy title for the presentation. He came up with "Who wants to be a super stain?". I thought he was really creative. The judges gave ribbons according to if the experiment was completed and they had gathered all the data, kept up with their logs and also interviewed each student in front of their presentation boards to test their knowledge of the experiment. Nick got a 1st place ribbon! We were very proud of him. His friend Angel did an experiment to see which cat food her cats liked best. She has four cats and in her summary about the experiment she said she learned that it is very hard to get 4 cats into 4 different rooms! I thought that was so true and funny! Angel's mom took Nick, Angel , and their friend Tyler out for ice cream afterwards. Lots of fun.

Nick's Presentation Board

Nick and his board

Angel's Board
Angel and her board