Monday, November 30, 2009

Things to share

I can't believe it took me another month before I updated the blog. Life has been eventful. Here are just a few things I want to share to give you an idea of what our life is like.

Nick had a Veterans day parade at school. They have one every year and since Nick is in 5th grade this will be his last year in elementary school and to do the parade. *sigh* Where does time go. It seems like yesterday that he went to kindergarten. Here is a picture of that.

Then of course there is Thanksgiving. We celebrated with Scott, Joanna, Laila, and Dennis at their home. Scott made the turkey and other necessities and I brought a few things. The turkey was delicious and it was fun celebrating Laila's first Thanksgiving with her. Here's the spread! My mouth is watering all over again.

Before dinner, Joanna took our picture. I figured we should do it before we plowed our way through the food. I have to say, we clean up pretty well. Guy has been growing a beard just to see what it's like. He even named it, I think it's Frank. I could live with or without it, but I think it's going away soon cause Guy says it's starting to itch.

Gab's loves to do crafts but mommy doesn't always have the patience for the mess. But every now and then we break out the stuff and make something. So this last month she painted some egg carton thingys and made a lady bug and bird. I tried to restrain myself from helping so that these could truly be her creations. Why is it so hard not to take over when they miss a spot painting, glue an eye on funny or put all the spots on one side? Anybody else have this problem? I sat on my hands and bit my tongue and these are truly Gab's. Be nice. Don't make fun.

Next I think I'll share a story that doesn't need a picture. Gab's likes to make up stories. She's creative just like her big brother. In fact Guy and I were sitting on the couch when Guy started marveling at her creativity. So that night as I was putting Gab's to bed she began telling me a story. She told me about her friend who is a bug named Seelee. Lately she has named everything Seelee. We now have a fire bellied toad named Seelee. But I digress. From here I will quote Gab's as best as I remember. "Seelee has big purple wings and can fly high. She's very beautiful and nice and loves everybody." Then Gab's looks at me (she's sitting in my lap) smiles and says,"and she has poop in her butt." *sigh* That is definitely my child. I tried hard not to laugh but gave her a disapproving look, (she knew why) but inside I was laughing very hard and trying to remember to share her "creativity" with her father after I put her to bed.

Last thing I can think of is our new additions to the house. The afore mentioned fire bellied toads. Guy was laying on the bed asking me if his friend could let these frogs loose in a near by creek. I knew most likely that any aquarium pet would not last long in the wild. So I said no and asked him why. Guy proceeds to tell me that his friend inherited these frogs when his girlfriend moved out and doesn't know what to do with them. I used to have little african dwarf frogs and knew that they were easy to care for and kind of cool. Thinking this I suggest we take them cause I think the kids will get a kick out of them. Guy calls his friend and sets it up.

So the next day while I'm at the library his friend drops them off. Turns out they were not frogs but toads, there are 3 of them and they only eat live crickets. *sigh* We look up online how to care for them and learn that they can live 15 years. *sigh* Also they are mildly posionous. We should be fine as long as we don't eat one or lick them excessively. Well we set up their tank and $45 dollars later they seem just as happy as they were before. We have fed them and we all get some kind of sick kick out of watching them hop on the crickets and eat them in one bite. So I guess it worked out. Now here is our household tally:

1 tabby male cat -Zen

1fawn male pug-Gus

1 black male pug-Jack

1 black female pug-Cassie

3 fire bellied toads (sex unknown)-Seelee (named by Gab's), Blaze (named by Nick), and Mr Croakers (named by me, quit laughing, I think the name is cute)

Here is the original tank with the toads.

Here it is $45 dollars later. Better?

Do they look happier? (just say yes, that's all I want to hear)

We will not be getting any more pets....I hope...

Oops almost forgot. I've gotten a part time job at Home Depot as a cashier and have been working for a couple of weeks now. We can certainly use the extra money and I enjoy getting out of the house and talking to adults. Guy has been helping out at home a little. He says he's easing in to it. :) But he really is helping. Plus the kids are enjoying the time they get with their dad. Guy likes his time with them too.

And there you have it in a nut shell. The last month.

The North Pole

I don't know if you have ever heard of it but there is an amusement park at the base of Pikes Peak called The North Pole. They have Santa (a really good one), rides, shows, deer, and more. Guy suggested that we should take the kids there this year. (I know, I was shocked as well since he hates crowds. Shows you how much he loves his kids.) We got up early Saturday morning and headed out to be there when they opened. I had looked it up on line and they said to go see Santa first, order our pictures and then enjoy the rest of the park. Excellent advice! We were the 3rd people to see Santa and then ordered our pictures (without a line). Later when we left and picked up our pictures there was a huge line.

This was Santa's house. I don't have picture with my camera of Santa because they keep the house dimly lit and you aren't allowed to use a flash in there. But for a price you can purchase the pictures they take for you! They thought that one out well. Gab's was brave and told Santa that she wanted a toy dinosaur for Christmas. She had her picture taken with Santa and then we had a picture taken of the whole family with Santa. Of course we bought sets of both and purchased a ceramic ornament with each of the pictures on them. I do wish I'd gotten a picture of Nick and Gab's on Santa's lap. Oh well. Maybe next year.
This was a little area with a bunch of blow up stuff. We like Pooh of course.
Gabrielle liked the motorcycles. My little Harley girl.
Meanwhile, Guy and Nick waited in line at a ride. They really didn't have to wait long. They were only about third in line.
This is them on the ride waiting for it to start. Such handsome boys.
Gabrielle and I went on the ride at the same time Guy and Nick did. But when it was over Gab's wanted to go again so I GLADLY let Guy take her. I do not like spinning in circle's. I'm very happy I didn't get sick the only time I rode it. I can't believe how fearless Gab's can be. She loved the ride. And it went fast!
Guy and Gab's are the second set of people in this picture. They went high and fast!
While Guy and Gab's went the on the whirly thingy (not the actual name), Nick did the Tilt-A-Whirl (actual name). He loved it. He'd sit back with his hands clasped behind his head to show off how easy it was. Boys!
This was an ornament attached to a huge white Christmas tree. Adults have to ride with the kids but they didn't make the ride "Adult Friendly". Guy barely fit in and it wasn't too comfortable when he did. What a trooper.
Nick rode the ornament ride too. He was going to ride with Gab's but they insisted it be an adult with her. Nick rode anyway. Hey it is a ride after all.
Nick rode this lady bug ride with Gab's. Always the good big brother. Gab's told Guy that evening that this was her favorite ride. Love this picture. The moment of Gab's picking her nose on this ride will now live forever. joy.
Guy, Gab', and Nick rode the carasol together. It had anorexic looking reindeer on it, but they chose to ride the horses. The reindeer need to unionize to get more feed.
This was just a little rocket ride. How come everything seems to go in circle's??? Not a good thing for a equilibrium challenged person, ie. me.
Nick of course rode too. This ride went a lot faster than you'd think. Some little kid who rode it with his dad got off of it before Nick and Gab's rode it and he was crying. He wasn't trusting daddy's opinion of 'fun' rides anymore.
They both had fun.
Next was a Shuttle ride that swung back and forth high. Once again, not a mommy ride. I wanted to keep my breakfast where it was. The kids were all for it though.
Wow! It went high. Gab's did get a little scared but when it was over she wanted to go again. Nick loved it and of course this was right up Guys alley. I was happy taking pictures.
Nick rode on the Scrambler. He seemed to love the twisty turny rides that throw you all over.
Guy rode with Gab's again. And once again, she loved it and had a great time. Did I mention that she's only 3??? She has spirit.

We did find Gab's weakness though. The Ferris Wheel. She wanted no part of it. So Guy and Nick did that while I took Gab's to the deer. She loved them. I thought they were cute but immediately sanitized her hands when we were done. After that Gab's and I went and got hot coco and funnel cake to eat while we waited for Guy and Nick to get off the Ferris Wheel. They waited in line a long time. After that we left. It was so much fun. We have the pictures with Santa and the ornaments with those pictures on them hanging on our tree. A great memory that we will always have.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Catching up

Okay, too long since I've posted. So much has happened. Joanna had surgery, Guy had a heart attack. Crazy! Guy was playing hockey and then had all the classic symptoms. Tightness in his chest, couldn't breath, etc... Anyway we took him to the hospital and he spent 5 days in the hospital. Stayed home a week and then went back to work. We are all now on a low sodium diet, Guy has a ton of meds, but all is well. His is doing very good. Of course he has stopped smoking. All in all we are recovering.

Today is Nick's birthday. Can't believe he is 11!!!! We are having chimichangas for dinner tonight at his request, and his birthday party will be at Dave and Busters. Lots of fun!! Here are some pics.
Nick got a Nintendo DSI for his birthday from Guy and I and Nancy and Ken.
Nancy, Gabrielle and I had a princess tea party with pink frosted cookies and oj in my fancy teacups. Of course tiaras were required.

Leisha stopped in Denver for a layover and we had 1 1/2 hrs together. I didn't realize how much I missed her. It's nice to have friends that care about you so much.

We always have to have a crazy picture together.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gabrielle Turns Three!

So for Gabrielle's 3rd birthday we had an extravaganza! It started by going to the Denver Zoo at 9:00 am. In attendance was my mom and dad, Guy, me of course, Nick, Nick's friend Angel (whom Gabrielle loves!), Laila, and Gabs. Aunt Joanna couldn't go because of her recent surgery and we missed her. Here is Gabrielle on her dad's shoulders looking at the giraffes.

This is Nick and Angel.
My mom, dad, and Gabrielle looking at an exhibit.
Laila peeking at her driver (me). But don't let this picture fool you, she barely rode in the stroller and much preferred to be carried. She was fascinated by the animals and wanted to pet them.

Gabrielle got in free and had a coupon to ride the carousel. That's her grandmother beside her.

Gabs again and there is Angel. Angel had hurried on the carousel to get Gabrielle the leopard. She's very sweet to Gabs.
Nick chose a dolphin to ride on.
After the zoo we went home and Gabrielle and Laila took naps. I ran around trying to get ready for her party. She had a few balloons, one was a big lion head. She thought it was very cool. We had everyone over for a bbq. So it was the same crew as the zoo with some additions. Uncle Scott and Aunt Joanna were there as well as Uncle Dennis. Angel's mom Leah. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs. My mom made homemade potato salad and dad had bought some fresh picked sweet corn in Kansas. It was yummy!
Present time! I was very impressed with Gabrielle. She thanked everyone for her presents and had so much fun opening them. She was even excited about the clothes. She seemed to appreciate everything and didn't get greedy.
Laila offering some assistance in opening the presents. I can't wait till her birthday!

Gabrielle got a bike! She loved it.
Had to get a butt shot of Guy. hehehe
In case you are wondering. Guy is wearing a tie because Gabrielle wanted him to be a prince and thought that prince's should wear ties. Guy even let her pick out the tie. He was a good daddy helping her with pedaling and steering up and down our block.

After bike riding it was on to cake and ice cream. Her cake was an elephant. That was what she had requested.
She blew out her candles (with a little subtle help from daddy).
Mmmm good. She shoveled it down.
Laila managed to force some down as well. Gabrielle had picked out cookies and cream ice cream.
Nick, Angel and Angel's mom Leah.
Dad, Grandma, and Gabrielle.
Gabrielle told grandma that this was the greatest birthday ever. Everyone left around 8pm. A long but happy birthday. It was a lot of work but so worth it. Now my little 2 year old is three and growing. I love her so much and am thankful for getting to help guide her through this life. I love both my children and enjoy raising them with the help of my husband. So here's to many more birthday's!!